Tina Taylor

Owner, Personal Trainer

Tina is the owner of the Power Source Gym and it's amazing personal trainer. She began her body building journey in 2001 and began competing in that same year. She has competed in and won many Overall titles such as Ms. Aphrodite U.S.A., Ms. Los Angeles, Ms. Nevada, Team U.S.A., and Forever Ms. Natural Universe, to only name a few. She also competed in the Natural Olympics.

In 2009, she was presented with what seemed like an impossible opportunity to purchase the Power Source Gym. The impossible turned to the possible, and she has never looked back.

Tina is very passionate about her clients and works hard to keep people's interest in their fitness goals fresh and motivated. She offers boot camps and especially loves working with children to help them understand team work, boost confidence and overall fitness.

Whether you need assistance in nutrition, personal training, or a complete over haul - Tina's goal is to support and assist you in discovering a version of yourself you have only dreamed of.

The Power Source Gym is located in a beautiful, picturesque section in the charming mountain community of Running Springs, in the San Bernadino Mountains. Surrounded on all sides by fragrant pine trees and emerald green oaks this gym takes peaceful and pleasant to another level. This gym's patrons enjoy a wide variety of fitness equipment such as free-weights, cardio-machines, nautilus equipment and various classes to fit all sorts of fitness levels and preferences. And if you prefer the outdoors, the Power Source Gym has access to fantastic hills for blasting fat and all over toning!

Power Source Gym