We love getting feedback from our clients! Their input, compliments and comments, about how they've benefited from their time with us, helps us to continue in our endeavor to be the best gym in the San Bernadino Mountains!

"After a three level disc replacement in my back, I found the PSG, and Tina 
Taylor. They, (doctors) told me it would be a year recovery, maybe longer. Tina whipped me into the best shape of my life in 6 months.  If your looking for a trainer, I strongly suggest you head to PSG and talk to Tina. She is the real deal."

James R.

"The best gym in town!

Definitely LOVE the new facility, the amazing classes, equipment and personal training. -- Tina, the trainer and owner has such great insight, personality, knowledge and work ethic!

My life has been transformed."

Genesis M.


"I love this place! It's friendly and private. There's plenty of room to exercise. There's plenty of equipment for a small community gym. It's open 24 hours to members which eliminates "no time" from our many excuses  to exercise. And despite the many members, there's never too many people in the gym. Join. You'll be glad you did."

Sana G.

"I just started going to this gym and I absolutely love it! The owner is very sweet and the gym is very clean and neat. Everyone is responsible for their own cleanup which keeps everything looking nice for the next person to come in. It's open 24 hours which works perfectly with my school and work schedule being hectic at times. When there are other people, they are very polite, but often times there's no one in there which makes it very relaxing to go. 
This gym is small and yet the owner somehow manages to fit in everything you need. There's a restroom that's always clean and there's always good music playing. 
Needless to say, I love going to this gym. I've gone to gyms much larger and with tons of equipment but they don't compare to this one."

Madison L.